Georgian Hotel Exclusive Reservation


         Welcome to Georgia!      Добро пожаловать в Грузию!

Welcome to the home page of sun country! This is the place to welcome people to my business.  


 Your partners- Mr. Eduard Kocharyan and Dr. Arthur Edwards

Reservation today and rest tomorrow!

Exclusive price by 10 day in Kobuleti:

-Hotel- 3*** stars;

-nourishment- 3 time;

-free excursion to Batumi, night discotheque, Luna park;  

corporative- for organizations and groups from 30 persons- 13 USD

family and personal tour- 1 persona from 15 USD to 20 USD

for ensembles, musical groups, sport group organizing festivals and actions - 1 persona from Georgia 8 USD and for other country citizenship from 10 USD  


 10 day in Batumi:

 - Hotel  3***, 4 **** stars from 25 USD;

 - nourishment- 3 time;

- shop tour  to Sarpi;

- free night  discotheque, Luna park attractions. 


 10 day in Ureki (Magnetit):

 - Hotels 2**, family hotels;

- no nourishment;

 1 persona from 10 USD