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                       About Geotravel

 BOARD of  Director:






Eduard Kocharyan


Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer, Geotravel


He was responsible for workforce assessment and strategic HR planning to address hiring, turnover, and strategic high-growth issues. 

 Service: job consulting, PR, fund raiser, financial and banking consulting, Diaspora and contacts, culture and charity. In 2004 published public entertainment periodical newspaper "Yellow newspaper", 2004-2008- organization street actions, art exhibitions, children art festivals, national and international cultural-educational program, "Kinder-show", concerts and other. I have higher education- 1999-2004- Tbilisi Grigol Robakidze University and speak in Russian, Georgian, Armenian, Ukrainian, Deutsch and English. My specialty- banking business and finances. My qualification- economist-specialist. I'm winner and participant of songs and theaters regional, national and international concurs and festivals, scientific conferences. My works and stages- 1994-97 y.- soloist of producer center “Tele-chance” (Ukraine), 1995-98- artist of National Russian Music Theater “Ton-theater” (Russia), 2000-06- soloist of Georgian State Philharmonic, 2001-09- director of private enterprise ( newspaper, PR, financial consulting, Diaspora, producer), 2001-02- correspondent of magazine “Deutschlands Leben”, 2003-04- correspondent of independent information agency “Black see press”, 2004- establishment, editor and finances manager of public-amusement newspaper “Yellow newspaper”, 2003-2010- coordinator of strategic and integration programs of children charitable foundation of Georgia “Arevik” and co-editor of newspaper “Arevik”.2007-2008- "Peoples bank" products sale's agent and "Peoples insurance" agent.2009-2010- the teacher of "Vita" university /Tbilisi/. My concourses and festivals- 1994 y.- the winner of International Television Music Festival “Tel e-chance” (Ukraine, Krim), 1995- participant of Sholokhov National Folks Festival “weshenskaya wesna-95” (Russia), 1996- the winner of City Author Songs Festival “Gukovo-96”, 1996- the participant of World Theater Congress-Festival “ASSITEJ-96”, 1997- the organizer and DJ of children discotheque “Black cat” (Russia), 2000- organizer and participant of Multinational Festival “All for Georgia, Georgia for all”, 2004-05-06- organizer, producer of National Children Art Festival “Arevik” and International Children Program “Kinder show", 2007- impresario of free street charity action for children to 1 June (Tbilisi, Georgia), 2008- producer of festival of beauty "Miss and Mister school-2008" (Tbilisi,Georgia, 2008- PRESS, International Cinema Festival "Golden Apricot" (Yerevan, Armenia), 2008- participant of III Pan-Armenian festival of culture "One nation, one culture" (Yerevan, Artashat, Sevan, Armenia). 2009- Christmas concert "New yearly stars-2009", 2009- National concert "Tumanyan-140", 2010- the guest, participant of first international Internet television conference in Tbilisi "ITV"(,, 2010- the organizer of concert to "Day of Armenian Consolidation" (Georgia, Tbilisi)



Contact info:

Address: Georgia, 0191, Tbilisi, Zgvisubani, 11-3-50, app.14

Phone: +995 32 45 18 33, +995 79 270697