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                                  VISA INFORMATION  

Visitors of many nations can come and stay in Georgia without any visa requirement. A passport valid for at least 6 months is required for all nationalities. There is no visa needed for stays up to 360 days for nationals of:

The European Union
United States of America
The Holy See
Principality of Andorra
Republic of Iceland
United Arab Emirates
State of Kuwait
South Korea
State of Qatar
Kingdom of Bahrain

Representative of nations required visa to enter country can apply for it either in the Georgian consulates in their countries or upon the arrival at the Tbilisi International Airport or at the following checkpoints on the border with Armenia, Azerbaijan and Turkey: Sarpi and Vale checkpoints on the border of Turkey, Matsimi and Tsiteli Khidi( Red Bridge) on the border of Azerbaijan and Sadakhlo on the border of Armenia.

Warning: Currently Abkhazia and South Ossetia are not under the control of the central government. Thus travelling to these regions is not advisable, because security is not guaranteed. Travelling throughout the territory of Georgia with Abkhazian visa is also prohibited.

For detailed information about visa classification and visa fees please visit